Who do I need to call?

Within one month of the death, you should…

  • Locate will or consult with attorney if there is no will about probate
  • Meet with an accountant about filing deceased’s taxes and to discuss estate tax.
  • File all claims with insurance companies
  • The funeral director will notify Social Security about the death. You may need to contact the Social Security Administration if you are the spouse to inquire about your eligibility for new benefits.
  • Notify the registrar of voters.
  • If the deceased’s home is unoccupied, cancel any unnecessary home services such as newspaper delivery, cable services, etc.
  • Cancel deceased’s prescriptions.
  • Contact department of motor vehicles and cancel deceased’s driver’s license and inquire about transferring all titles of registered vehicles.
  • If you loved one was a veteran, inquire about veteran’s benefits.
  • Contact deceased’s employer. Inquire about any 401K, pensions or any other company benefits the deceased may be entitled to.
  • Notify all 3 credit reporting agencies.
  • Obtain a current copy of the deceased’s credit report.
  • If death was accidental, verify whether additional benefits are available on existing insurance policies.
  • Check for any life insurance benefits available through existing credit cards or loan accounts.
  • File any outstanding claims for health insurance or Medicare.
  • Obtain copies of deceased’s outstanding bills.
  • Locate and/or obtain other important paperwork that may be necessary for the settlement of their estate;
    • At least 3 certified copies of the death certificate (number varies based on the size of the estate)
    • Real estate deeds and titles
    • Stock certificates
    • Loan paperwork
    • Bank and retirement account statements
    • Last 4 years of tax returns
  • Advise all creditors in writing that a death has occurred.
  • Change ownership of all assets and any lines of credit.
  • Remove loved ones’ name from any marketing or mailing lists.
  • Organize and distribute all the deceased’s personal belongings.
  • Send acknowledgements cards to all you sent flowers, gave donations, attended services or sent their condolences.
  • Update your will.
  • Update your beneficiaries on all life insurance policies.

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